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About Title Loans Peoria, IL

Securing Title Loans Peoria

Rather than solely checking credit information, we prefer to secure title loans Peoria with titles to borrower’s vehicle. You’ll be responsible for turning in your paper car title during the loan closing. We place a lien against your vehicle, which remains in place until the loan is paid off. After receiving and posting the last loan payment, the lien is removed. The title is returned to the borrower.

Drive Your Vehicle Anywhere You Want to Go

That’s right; there are no driving restrictions during your loan period.

Fast Cash in a Day or Less

It may sound unbelievable, but Peoria Car Title Loans really can process title loans fast and payout cash within a day or less.

Everything You Need to Know

Are There Requirements for Getting a Loan?

Yes, we do have just a few requirements to be approved for loans. Take a moment to run through this short checklist to make sure you have what it takes for loan approval.

• You’ll need to prove that you have monthly income to repay your loan. However, we are very flexible when it comes to income sources. We can accept various government benefits like Social Security, disability benefits and even unemployment benefits. We accept many retirement pension plan income sources and self-employment income too. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your income during your free loan consultation.

• We will need to see your driver’s license or state identification card to confirm your identity and that you meet the age requirement.

• To meet collateral loan requirements, we need to confirm your vehicle is drivable and you hold the paper car title, which is free of liens.

If you’ve met these simple requirements, we look forward to receiving your loan application.

How Do I Fill Out a Loan Application?

To get started, you’ll need to fill out our short online application with your vehicle and personal contact information. We will need the basic information listed below:

• The make, model, body style and age of your vehicle and a mileage estimate.

• A phone number where we can reach you to discuss your loan options, your zip code and your first and last name.

Within minutes of applying, you can expect to receive a free loan estimate. You aren’t obligated to continue with the loan process at this point, but most people choose to speak with a loan representative to learn about their options. Loan consultations are free of charge, and most people are pleased they decided to accept the loan offer.

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How the Loan Process Works

Applying for Title Loans Peoria

Most folks prefer applying online, but if you would rather speak with a representative before filling out an application, you can call our office or visit with a loan representative at anyone of the many local loan center stores nearby.

Finishing Your Loan Application

Each applicant receives a call from one of our loan representatives to conclude the application. You will be discussing your monthly income and your sources of income, which could be used to pay off the loan. It’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time by looking up your monthly income and monthly expenses, which are needed for the qualifying process..

Choosing a Repayment Plan

Tolbert Car Title Loans offers a number of repayment plans for title loans Peoria. Our goal is to provide various term options, which fit in well with your monthly budget. We want to make sure you choose an affordable repayment plan that won’t overextend your finances.

Signing an Agreement

Title lenders are required to write up an agreement, which summarizes any important verbal agreements that have taken place over the phone. Contracts must be written to meet state car title regulations to protect borrowers. Your contract will include the following information:

The total cost of your loan, A convenient repayment schedule, Your interest rate, The total cost of your interest, Minimum payment amounts, Any applicable loan fees.

Receiving Your Loan Funds

The last thing you’ll need to do after signing your contract at a loan center store is to provide us with the title to your vehicle. You are then free to collect your loan funds.

Save time, money and stress with convenient online title loans Peoria offered by Tolbert Car Title Loans.

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